There are several ways to find the best frame for your look. Select from these guide below to discover how:

Frame Style Guide: By Face Shape

Select a face shape that describes yours best, for recommendations on styles that bring out your best features.


A well-balanced face, the top half balances the bottom half.


Long, narrow face (oblong) with a square chin (rectangle).


A wide forehead, cheek and chin area where the jaw is relatively angular in appearance.


A large, curved forehead with a rounded chin. The face looks full and has very few angles.


The forehead is the widest part of the face, then it narrows gradually to the chin, which is slightly pointed.


A small forehead, wide temple area that gradually decreases to a small chin area.

Low Triangle

A narrow forehead where the face gradually becomes fuller at the cheek and chin area.

Frame Style Guide: By Frame Vertical
& Horizontal Dimensions

Do you know that choosing the right frames can sculpt the shape of your face?

The deeper the frame relative to the length of the face, the shorter will be the appearance of the face

The wider the frame relative to the width of the face, the narrower will be the appearance of the face

Frame Style Guide: By Frame Thickness & Colour

The colour & thickness of the frame will affect the relative appearance of the width and depth of a face.
These are the general rules when selecting a frame:

Narrow Face Dimension

Thicker and darker frame will narrow the face dimension.

Widen or Lengthen Face

Thinner frame and lighter color framehas less influence on a face. Used correctly, these frame will widen or lengthen a face.

Convervative, Softer Look

A frame colour that is close to the wearer’s complexion will give the person a more conservative, thoughtful or softer look.

Bold, Eye-catching Look

A frame color with higher contrast to the wearer’s complexion will give the person a bolder, fun & eye-catching look.