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  • General Care Tips

    How to Clean My Glasses? What tool would you first pick to clean your glasses when there are smudges or stains on the lenses?

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  • Face Shape Guide

    There are several ways to find the best frame for your look. Select from these guide below to discover how:

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  • Eye Test Guide

    How Often do You Need to Check Your Eyes? Screening for eye diseases involves going to your eye care professionals such as optician, optometrist and ophthalmologist (eye doctor) to have your vision measured and eye examined thoroughly for any eye diseases.

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  • Eye Disease

    Dry eyes are commonly happened to white-collar workers. This is because we literally spend an average of 5-6 hours a day on working at computer, excluding the hours of playing digital gadgets.

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  • Eye Care Tips

    Take A Break to Soothe Your Eyes with An Eye Massage. Massage is good. It makes everything better. But, how long didn’t you get a proper massage?

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  • Focus Point “Eyes of the World” Campaign

    Eyes of the World Campaign to Benefit the Malaysian Association for the Blind

    Since 2007, the Focus Point Caring Hearts Charity Foundation was established to make a positive impact to the community and beyond.

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  • Annual Home Visitation

    It is an annual event initiated by our President and CEO, Dato’ Liaw who makes it a point to visit nursing homes with his management team every year.

    In December 2016, we had paid a visit to Ti-Ratana, a centre that shelters, educates and cares for underprivileged members of society.

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  • Blood Donation Campaign

    Focus Point has been actively organizing blood donation campaign for over 10 years. The event was aimed at providing relief for patients recovering from their ailments. We truly believe that together, we can save a life. That is also the biggest motivation to keep us moving.

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  • World Sight Day

    World Sight Day is dedicated to the second Thursday of October each year. A global cause for better sight, it’s a day of awareness where global attention is brought on to focus on blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of the visually impaired.

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