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Pro Eye Medic Vision Repair Patch (10 Pairs)

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Pro Eye Medic Vision Repair Patch is a Korean formulated herbal essence eye patch using NANO technology that help to penetrate and transmit herbal essence to the tissue around the eyes. It is soaked with 100% pure herbal ingredients with no additives, stimulants and coloring.

The herbal ingredients will absorb into the eyes, to improve eye blood circulation, relieve the eye condition and providing a complete health care for the eyes

*Pro Eye Medic Vision Repair Patch is Malaysia first and only vision patch that certified by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

3 Elements


Through Nano technology, plant extracts can quickly penetrate the eye tissue and clear blocked blood vessels.


Penetrate the site of vascular deposition, remove impurities from the eye, and purify the blood.


Strengthen the blood circulation system so that the eyes are fully nourished and moistened.

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