Miacare Confidence Color Daily Contact Lens (10 lenses/box)


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  • 6 times more oxygen than conventional hydrogel lenses 
  • Solvent-free formula – irritation free, allergic reaction-free, improved safety
  • Low modulus – high comfort
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RM53.00 Special Price


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Delivering a Promise of Health and Beauty
Conventional silicone hydrogel lenses are hydrophobic and require the use of solvents to combine silicone with hydrogel. To raise the standard of lens wear safety, Miacare incorporates its world-leading EautraSil™ Hydrophilic Silicone Technology to modify silicone molecules with new hydrophilic properties so that the silicone and hydrogel can be combined without solvent treatment.

This results in the world's first solvent-free formula for silicone hydrogel lenses: no irritation, no allergic reactions, only six times more oxygen for maximized breathability and comfort for the eye!

With oxygen transmissibility reaching Dk/t 150, more oxygen is allowed to pass through the lenses quickly to the cornea, effectively preventing hypoxia-related complications, such as redness, corneal neovascularization and corneal epithelium-aging.

Solvent-free Formula – Irritation-free, Allergic Reaction-free, Improved Safety

Lens Specification:

Vision Correction

Myopia: Distant objects appear blurry 

Base Curve (BC)

8.8mm (Purple)/8.9mm (Black & Brown)


14.0mm(Black & Brown)/14.1mm(Purple)

Water Content


Powers Range

Plano (0.00), -0.75D to -6.00D (0.25D steps);
-6.50D to -12.00D (0.50D steps)

Package Size

1 x 10 lenses/box

Replacement Schedule

Daily Disposable

Please be informed, power -0.25 & -0.50 is NOT available.

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