Smartglasses are poised to be the next big thing for wearables that will change our daily lives. In this era of connectivity, both major tech corporations and startups are jumping into the scene and experimenting, trying to create the next big thing. This brings the question, what are smartglasses and how could it improve our lives?

Smartglasses are wearable computer glasses that tries to bring connectivity and functionality that we enjoy on our digital devices into the frames and/or lenses of our eyewear. Google first brought this concept into reality with the introduction of Google Glass Explorer Edition which was released in 2013. However, controversies regarding its uses and functions led to its initial failure in the mainstream market.  With more and more large corporations such as Apple, Amazon and Facebook now developing their own smartglasses for consumer use, the future of connectivity looks promising.

Smartglasses comes different functions for its wearers’ convenience. Firstly, these wearables allow you to answer calls without having to reach for your phone. With smartglasses offering crisp audio through the speakers located in the frame, this allows for high quality voice communication and music playback, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

There also some smartglasses that contains camera lens for taking pictures without having to bring out your phone or camera. However, its usage its controversial due to privacy concerns where people might be filmed without their permission, which led to Google Glass Explorer Edition’s downfall.

Being connected to your digital devices, smartglasses also helps you to keep track of certain biometrics. For example, SOLOS Smartglasses, currently available at selected Focus Point outlets, can help to monitor your posture and exercise routine, and provide you with feedback with the aid of a 9-axis censor and SOLOS AirGo™ App.

These are among the many uses that smartglasses are able to offer, and with constant improvement in the technologies used, there are bound to be many more to comes. In the future, perhaps these wearables are able to pair what you are seeing in the real word with virtual information, similar to viewing the digital screens of your smartphones. However, issues such as privacy and security have to be overcome before successful adoption in the mainstream market.

Currently, you can get your very own pair of smartglasses from us! SOLOS Smartglasses are exclusively available at selected Focus Point outlets and our online store, featuring Whisper™ Audio Technology with multi-microphones to deliver excellent phone call performance and speech recognition in any environment. Also, SOLOS Smartglasses contains Anti Blue-Light lenses to prevent digital eye strain and anti-UV lenses suitable for outdoor activities, as well as interchangeable frames and lens, adjustable nose pads and nose tips to meet your fashion and comfort needs. Do reach out to us for more information on SOLOS Smartglasses and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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